There are many fiddlers that really speak to me in a very inspiring way, but often there are only a few ways that these fiddlers inspire me. Not with Liz Carroll. She writes so many different types and styles of tunes and plays them in so many creative ways that it just make me want to practice. One of her most popular albums, ‘On the Offbeat’, covers so much ground in terms of fiddling; the first track ‘Barbra Streisand’s Trip to Saginaw / Michael Connell’s’ starts off easy with some solo fiddle and then builds its way up adding guitar and then bass. This set really sets the bar high for the rest of the album, but it only gets better. The second track is amazing in so many ways, having such a different feel and instrumentation. I could talk about these tracks all day but I think the real question I want answered when I’m listening is – how does she keep intriguing her audience? The answer, I believe,is that she has such a knack for altering her style and playing in order to sound like a completely different fiddler while simultaneously keeping her unique sound. It seems like an oxymoron, but it’s what I believe is happening. The other side of it is her tune-writing ability. Every tune that she writes is completely different than the last but still holds that ‘Liz Carroll’ quality, that quality being full of energy and strength, even in slow numbers. She is an amazing fiddler to listen to if you are a listening learner like me. Just put on one of her albums and try and pick up some of the stuff she is doing and you will understand how truly amazing she really is.