Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is an instrumental album comprised of all original works from Quin With One N. Each track has its own unique twist, but they all relate to Quin’s main genre of Contemporary Celtic. On the album, Quin played all of the fiddle and guitar parts, but he also had other musicians track bass, drums, voice, and piano. Nick Mintenko played electric and upright bass on a few tracks (Nick’s website). Nick plays bass and guitar mainly in the folk/pop genre which brought an interesting twist to Quin’s tunes. Sara Varro, a 17-year-old drummer, contributed her musical talent to a couple of tracks. Sara’s knowledge of Rock and Blues took track 3 to a whole new level (See Sara on YouTube). Sara Marreiros, an absolutely fantastic singer, added her vowel sounds, no lyrics obviously, to one of the tracks (Sara’s website). The final musician on the album was Geoff Horrocks of Cross Canada Fiddle. Geoff, who played piano on Quin’s first album, Embark, came back to contribute his piano playing on two tracks, including the title track of the album (Cross Canada Fiddle Website). Out of the Blue was recorded at Justin LaPointe’s beautiful studio in Qualicum, BC. LaPointe Sound is an amazing space to write and record your music, check it out for yourself (LaPointe Sound website). Adrian Dolan put the finishing touches on the album. Adrian is known for his sound engineering, but he also is a master at mastering (Adrian’s website). 

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