Queue The Music is a group consisting of three members, Quin Etheridge-Pedden, Tai McGillivray, and Micaela Pereira.  These young musicians each play multiple instruments and write their own arrangements. The style of music is traditional, bluegrass, and beyond. They get inspirations from Oliver Schroer, Casey Driessen, and John Reischman. Micaela Pereira is from Nanaimo, Quin Etheridge-Pedden is from Lantzville, and Tai McGillivray is from Denman Island. One of their members Quin Etheridge-Pedden who is 16 years old already has an album that was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2017. Tai McGillivray also has an album out and is in the process of a second one at only the age of 15. Micaela Pereira the oldest member of the group, at age 19, is attending her second year at VIU in the jazz program.