Kadence is a versatile band consisting of two members, Micaela Pereira and Quin Etheridge-Pedden. These two young musicians create their unique celtic/contemporary/jazz sound with two fiddles, guitar and piano. It is Kadence’s goal to share their love of music with everyone they can, and to continuously reinvent the ordinary. They get their inspirations from Casey Driessen, Oliver Schroer, Liz Carroll and take their skill of performing in other jazz combos, 80s rock cover bands, and traditional fiddle groups to better their sound in a new and inventive way.


Micaela Pereira is a young talented artist based in Nanaimo on Vancouver island, and her main instrument is the violin. Micaela’s heart lies in many genres of music, particularly fiddle and folk music, but she has also always loved classical music and has completed her grade eight RCM violin exam. She has been a member of Nanaimo’s elite fiddle group Fiddelium for 6 years and performs with up and coming groups such as Kadence and Queue The Music. After about 12 years of playing the violin and fiddle, Micaela wanted to expand her horizons even more.  She has devoted the next few years of her musical career to attending VIU and  studying in the jazz program where she will further her knowledge and love in  the violin, as well as study new instruments. Micaela’s time is mainly filled with performing, but she also teaches private violin and fiddle lessons, as well as group classes. She has already been teaching for a few years now, but wanted to further her knowledge and undergo Suzuki training in Waterloo Ontario.   Micaela is an eager musician, hungry to learn and always up for a challenge.



Quin Etheridge-Pedden is an aspiring young fiddler based in Lantzville on Vancouver Island. From a young age Quin has always been drawn to fiddle music and the expressive life and freedom it posses. He also plays guitar in some of the many  groups he performs with such as Kadence, Neighbours, Queue The Music and Kept Company, as well as creating his ‘solo sound’, and has been a member of Nanaimo’s elite fiddle group Fiddelium, for 6 years. Quin released his first album when he was only 14 years old and ended up being nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award. Additionally, Quin was also invited in 2018 to Canada’s biggest fiddle competition, The Canadian Grand Masters, where he competed against the top fiddlers across the country. Apart from performing, Quin is always practicing, writing new tunes, or teaching private fiddle lessons and group classes. Quin’s future has always been very clear to him in that he always new music was the only way, and he continues his journey excited for the endless possibilities ahead.