Quin Etheridge-Pedden


Quin is 15 years old.  He released his first album, Embark, in May of 2017.  It is an eclectic mix of traditional fiddle and new contemporary.  Three of the tunes on his album are original compositions.  The album was recorded at Etched in Sound on Protection Island.

Quin has recently been nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the category Young Performer of the Year.  www.folkawards.ca/nominees/  This year’s awards ceremony takes place on November 18 and 19 in Ottawa. The Canadian Folk Music Awards were created in 2005 to promote and celebrate folk music in its various forms in Canada.

While he is primarily a fiddler, he also plays guitar and mandolin.  He began his musical journey at age 6 when he started Suzuki violin private lessons with Trish Horrocks as well as beginner fiddle group lessons at the Nanaimo Conservatory.  After one year of classical violin it was clear that Quin was destined to be a fiddler and he henceforth focused all his energy and education on fiddle music.  He has been taking lessons since then with Trish and Geoff Horrocks of Cross Canada Fiddle.

Quin also began teaching music this year; he has students in both fiddle and guitar.  

During Beyond Trad in 2017 he taught a workshop on Into to Fiddle Chopping.

Quin has been a member of Fiddelium for 6 years.   Fiddelium is a small group of young musicians who perform in and around Nanaimo at many events such as festivals, private gatherings, markets, and community celebrations. The music they play is mostly traditional fiddle music, but with an interesting twist. Their arrangements are groovy and high-energy, and are created especially for them by directors Geoff and Trish Horrocks.  www.fiddelium.com

Quin also plays electric guitar in the Extreme Jazz Band at Dover Bay Secondary.

Most days you can find Quin in his music room with his fiddle, guitar, mandolin and loop pedal working on existing tunes or creating new ones for his next album.   He hopes to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston upon graduation.



Quotes and Reviews


“This accomplished fiddler (and guitarist) is just 15 years-old, and on the evidence of his first album, Embark (could there be a better title for a debut?), the young musician is heading for a sparkling career. ”                                   www.folkradio.co.uk/2018/02/quin-etheridge-pedden-embark/

David Morrison, Folk Radio UK


“He is energetic, enthusiastic and determined to be a success.  From his perspective, the greatest part of being able to perform is the love and joy of the music.  His face broke into the biggest grin as he explained, “I want people to be able to enjoy my music, but I don’t expect them to do that if I’m not enjoying performing it.” 

Nick Sitter, Standard Guide Advocate, Lambton Shores


 “Quin has a wonderful gift, and Quin has truckloads of talent. But those things only take a person so far without passion, focus, professionalism, a willingness to work hard, and a sense of humour. Fortunately, Quin has these other qualities in spades, and that’s why I am so sure that he will achieve anything he dreams of!”

Trish Horrocks  Cross Canada Fiddle


“Quin brought his easy-going energy, confident musicality and very importantly – his ability to be well prepared and spontaneously creative at the same time.  A pleasure to work with.”

Anthony Maki, Sound Engineer  Etched in Sound



“Quin is a very creative individual who loves to be challenged. His thirst for musical knowledge and his desire to work hard to create new musical ideas is awe inspiring. I expect Quin will motivate players of all ages to want to play their fiddle when they see him perform. It has been a honour to have mentored him during his early years! “
Geoff Horrocks  Cross Canada Fiddle


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90 Year Adventure

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